HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE - Lantern Confiture Gold S
  • HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE - Lantern Confiture Gold S


    Sitting inside or outside, light creates the atmosphere. Household Hardware offers a broad collection of lamps and lanterns for inside and outside. Are you in for a romantic night for two, filled with candles? Or would you like to fill your living room with beautiful shadows, made with big, seagrass lamp shades. With the collection of lanterns and lamps of Household Hardware you will get the right atmosphere in your house.

    Almost all materials used within our collection are either recycled or natural. In this way we do not contribute to the ‘plastic soup’. Also, our process of design always starts with the origin of the product and its culture. After this, together with the ‘artisan’ the new design is being made. We want to emphasize that the design of all our products is made in collaboration with, and with most respect for the artisans and the Moroccan tradition.


    Color: gold

    Material: glass, recycled metal



    Tel. +5999 6500550

    Whatsapp +5999 5172218

    Kaya Papa Wilson Godett 82-84
    Willemstad, Curacao

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